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Cotto is the newest restaurant to join K’ Rd’s community of restaurants serving serious food with a casual lean – it won Best New Restaurant last year. Already, scoring a seat is a gamble on any given day. We’ll happily take our spot on its waitlist for chefs Hayden Phiskie and John Pountney’s takes on fresh Italian pasta, which changes so often, their religious following on Instagram is no doubt born from wanting to see what they’ve come up with next.

But there’s always pasta: pillowy gnocchi in pinenuts and pesto, silky ravioli stuffed with buffalo mozzarella; tortellini with sweet corn. Whatever it may be, order without fear. There’s usually some form of dumplings, too, sliding into the mouth with moreish bites and glistening with sage butter. The hustle can be overwhelming at times, but that makes getting a table just that little bit sweeter.